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Maharajas' Express Train Balasinor Tour

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Balasinor (also referred to as Vadasinor) is a town located in Gujarat, India. Formerly a princely state of the Babi (Yusufzai Pathan) dynasty, it was created in 28 Sep 1758, out of the Junagadh Babis.

Founded in the 18th century, a Second class State in the Rewa Kantha agency. The family of this State had descended from Sardar Mohammad Khan, fourth in descent from Sher Khan Babi I, who was made "BABI" (Door Keeper) of the Imperial Court.


Balasinor is a unique travel destination in Gujarat famously known as Jurassic Park of India. The site is in the village of Raiyoli and also called Raiyoli Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Site. It was in 1981 when geological survey of India searching for mineral rich area accidentally discovered dinosaur fossils in Balasinor. Since then Dinosaur tourism became very popular in Balasinor as thousands of tourists interested in seeing the fossils of dinosaurs started to travel Balasinor.

So far Paleontologists have uncovered about 10,000 fossils of dinosaur eggs, bones and skeleton in Raiyoli near Balasinor. In total over 13 species of dinosaur existed in the Balasinor for more than 100 million years before their extinction around 65 million years ago. This discovery has made Balasinor third largest dinosaur eggs hatchery in the world.

The discovery of dinosaur fossils and being dubbed as the Jurassic Park has increased Dinosaur tourism in Balasinor. The soft soil of Balasinor has actually preserved the fossils pretty well.

At the site in Balasinor, tourists can see the skin and other bones of the dinasaurs. Tourists can also see real dinosaur eggs at the site in Balasinor. But what makes Balasinor must travel destination is the fact that it is the only place in world where tourists can actually hold a fossilized dinosaur egg in their hand.

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