A Journey Through India with Royal Express Train Tours

Nothing beats luxury train travel in India. The Maharajas’ Express offers tourists an exclusive opportunity to explore fabled destinations in India through the magnificent Itineraries which are like a royal express train. It introduces the charm of royal travel to tourists.

The gorgeous train offers world-class amenities decorated in regal style, this extraordinary extravagance train covers India's world heritage site and other stunning locations.

The meticulously devised and designed itinerary is specially curated to keep you >entertained, relaxed and pampered, from an Ayurvedic spa to personal butlers, from a traditional welcome ceremony to classic royal dining. Prepare yourself for a scintillating journey into the royal land of sand dunes and regal palaces. The Palace on Wheels has an intrinsic ambience that complements pretty well the majestic charm and beauty across the Indian terrain.

If you are fascinated by the king-sized lifestyle or want to experience the lavish lifestyle of an Indian Maharaja then Palace on Wheels tour is just the right opportunity for you. Indulge and discover the thrill of travelling like royalty as you enjoy the splendid tourist attractions.

Take a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of India which will leave you with fond memories to be cherished. All the Maharajas’ Express journeys are centred around the royal state of Rajasthan and include a mix of sightseeing at heritage sites, cultural experiences, adventure activities, local tours and time for leisure as well.

Guests are free to choose from the following 4 itineraries:
The Indian Splendour

Duration: 6 nights  and 7 days

Destinations Covered: Delhi – Agra – Ranthambore – Jaipur – Bikaner – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Mumbai

The Heritage of India

Duration: 6 nights  and 7 days

Destinations Covered: Mumbai – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Bikaner – Jaipur – Ranthambore and Fatehpur Sikri – Agra and Delhi

The Indian Panorama

Duration: 6 nights  and 7 days

Destinations Covered: Delhi – Jaipur – Ranthambore and Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Orchha and Khajuraho – Varanasi – Delhi

Treasures of India

Duration: 3 nights  and 4 days

Destinations Covered: Delhi – Agra – Ranthambore – Jaipur – Delhi

While the first 3 itineraries are longer and more detailed, the ‘Treasures of India’ journey is perfect for those who want a glimpse of the country in a short time. Some of the most famous tourist attractions included in the itineraries are the Taj Mahal in Agra, Amer Fort in Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park, Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Western Group of Temples in Khajuraho, etc. Regardless of which itinerary you pick, your experience will be full of exuberance, royalty and lavishness as you relive the princely era. The luxurious train offers a comfortable bar cum lounge where you can relax, and converse with fellow passengers over your favourite drink.

Maharajas’ Express, a Palace on Wheels captures the exclusive royal and lavish aura from the moment you step inside the gleaming carriage with opulently draped curtains, exquisite lights, and table settings that sets the environment to make you feel like royalty. The interior of the train is designed keeping in mind the Indian Royal Heritage. A delicious choice of Indian and International cuisine is served straight from the royal kitchen which is a feast for the palate as you enjoy the splendid landscape.

Everything is well organized from the accommodation, and dining to sightseeing. Just hop on the train and soak in the colours, discover the spectacular land of India and experience a journey of a lifetime. For booking and more details visit www.the-maharajas.com


The IRCTC’s Maharajas’ Express offers tourists an opportunity to experience the royal and lavish lifestyle of an Indian Maharaja on a gorgeous royal express train that traverses through the breathtaking landscape of India. It is one of the world's most luxurious and exciting rail journeys with an array of facilities onboard. Relax and enjoy the ultimate king-sized lifestyle as you uncover the rich and exotic history of India.
Travelling for business has taken a new level. Discover the splendid beauty of India on the IRCTC’s Maharajas Express Train and get a glimpse of India’s rich diversity of heritage. Find out more about the palace on wheels tours at www.the-maharajas.com
IRCTC Maharajas’ Express is the best option for a MICE train tour in India. It is truly the gem of India tours when it comes to luxury train travel. It is fully equipped with facilities to organize MICE train tours. To host meetings for the MICE tour, the usual settings can be reorganized just to make it more suitable for the purpose. Choose from the Maharajas’ Express 4 bespoke journeys which are as follows:
  • Heritage of India (6 Nights / 7 Days),
  • The Indian Splendour (6 Nights / 7 Days),
  • The Indian Panorama (6 Nights / 7 Days) and
  • Treasures of India (3 Nights / 4 Days)
The passengers shall be treated like royals by the staff and friendly butler with impeccable service. All the cabins have five-star amenities, television, internet connection and everything you can imagine. It caters to a very wide range of clients such as corporate groups, alumni groups, special exhibitions, etc. making it perfect for MICE tourism.
IRCTC’s Maharajas’ Express, a Palace on wheels is the best train option to uncover beautiful India with utmost safety and privacy. With deluxe accommodations, restaurants, lounges, and royal delicacies from the royal kitchen, this train is just right for your holiday.
Visit The Maharajas’ Express website here and book the Indian Splendour or Heritage of India journey from the itinerary. Book your luxury tour of Bikaner in India easily by filling out all the necessary details. Pack your bags to unlock the royal and lavish lifestyle.

IRCTC’s Maharajas Express offers 4 of the most luxurious culture tours in India that are beautifully designed.

  • Heritage of India (6 Nights / 7 Days),
  • The Indian Splendour (6 Nights / 7 Days),
  • The Indian Panorama (6 Nights / 7 Days) and
  • Treasures of India (3 Nights / 4 Days)

Book any of these tours that suits you the best and experience India’s diverse culture, history and heritage while travelling on a beauteous palace on wheels.

To book Palace on Wheels journey, visit www.the-maharajas.com. Then take your pick from the 4 itineraries namely, Heritage of India, The Indian Splendour, The Indian Panorama, and Treasures of India. Fill in the details and confirm your booking to experience the fancy and luxurious lifestyle of the king and queen.

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