We have become used to consuming content on our screens – whether handheld, hung on a wall or sitting in our laps – so much that it feels cumbersome to have to actually visit a place of interest, far less making a trip to check out the conveyance that will be taking us to said place!

The Maharajas’ Express Virtual Tour has been designed just with that factor of much-required effortlessness in mind. After all, when we know that the luxuries and amenities on board can ‘speak’ for themselves, we see no point in keeping them under wraps!

Presenting to our esteemed guests, Virtual Tours of the grandiose interiors of our luxury train! Encompassing every detail of the plush interiors, you can take your time to cast your eyes about the varied sections of the royally-appointed cabins, restaurants and lounges to your heart’s content!

Get an insider’s perspective, today, at Maharajas’ Express Virtual Tour

Your Internet-Savviness Can Net You Up To $400 – Hurry & Book Online!

In keeping with our relentless march towards riding technology into the future, IRCTC has opened up the opportunity to pad up your travel budget to the tune of $400! The first $150 in completely redeemable vouchers is given to each guest whose ticket is booked online at www.the-maharajas.com , so the more people in your traveling coterie, the higher your gains!

In addition, for guests who booked directly with IRCTC, there is an additional voucher of $250! While both vouchers can be used for all off-board optional parts of the journeys & on-board liquor tabs, On board boutique purchases, & laundry bills, the $250 voucher can be used by you to upgrade your cabin, if you wish – provided they haven’t all been booked already!

Grab your chance to have an even more lavish holiday: connect with IRCTC at +91 9717635915 or maharajas@irctc.com right away!

For cherishing the majestic voyage for your life’s treasured memories.
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