Maharajas' Express Featured on News Nation

Maharajas’ Express, world’s leading luxury train, was featured on News Nation on 24th February, 2016. News Nation is a leading Indian news channel and it showcased the luxuries that royal guests enjoyed. A special 20 minute feature was dedicated to the opulent train and it emphasized on the lavishness that the royal guests indulged in and also showed the viewers the elaborative interiors of Maharajas’ Express.

Maharajas’ Express has carved a niche for itself in Luxury Tourism and is gathering media coverage too. Previously, the opulent train has been covered by IZTV of turkey in a special three part series, CBS News and Bloomberg TV and various other Travel channels.

Maharajas' Express Showcased in Berlin

Maharajas’ Express, the world’s leading luxury train has a long relation with ITB, world’s leading Travel and Trade show. After recently being exhibited at Singapore for being a part of ITB-Asia Maharajas’ Express was again exhibited at ITB, Berlin. It was an opportune moment as ITB celebrated its 50 years of bond with the city of Berlin, Germany.

The event saw 114,000+ visitors from 180 different countries. We were fortunate to hold business meeting with 130 different travel trade associates and showcased Maharajas’ Express, an epitome of luxury travelling, to various travelers who prefer boundless luxury and opulence.

Maharajas’ Express Celebrates the Festival of Colors on board

Maharajas’ Express is known for not only journeying through the exquisite Indian places but also for providing unique Indian experiences. In the month of March, we surprised our guests with on-board holi celebration, in Jaipur. Holi is a hindu festival and is celebrated with ecstasy and fervor especially in the region of Mathura. This festival is popularly known as festival of colors and during holi people smear colored powder or gulaal on each other’s faces to commemorate the divine love of Radha for lord Krishna.

Guests were gifted ethnic attires, special herbal gulaal and traditional pichkaris to acquaint them with this vibrant festival. They danced enthusiastically on famous Bollywood songs and the beats of dhol, joyously smeared gulaal and colored each other and felt closer to the vast heritage of India.

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