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There have been some exciting developments this month for Maharajas’ Express -the luxury train is proud to beshowcased on the popular blog site Traveller, the train announces an amazing offer, and promotes its royal Presidential Suite.

Maharajas’ Express showcased on the blog site “ Traveller “

Popular travel website, Traveller, is the latest in celebrating a journey with the Maharajas’ Express. The luxury train has been blogged about on July 10 th by renowned blogger John Golder – Pen name ( Mr Jamie Lafferty ), where he writes about the inspiring journey the luxury train.

Maharajas’ Express invited the author to experience a journey on the renowned train, where he took the famous Indian Panorama journey and it resulted in him penningthe blog – ‘The Maharajas’ Express: The luxury train that’s totally unreal’. The author describes his observations of this journey,he writes how ‘The Maharajas’ Express is the best train in India by some measurements, and the best in the entire world by some others’. About the services offered by the train, he mentions ‘It’s that kind of service that leaves people so fond of the Maharajas’ Express, and undoubtedly the sort of thing that’s led to it being crowned Leading Luxury Train at the World Travel Awards for the past four years’.

The Traveller website broadcasts stories, experiences and important information about various destinations in the world to potential travelers, and is viewed by a large number of people around the globe. Maharajas’ Express is delighted with this exposure of the luxury train, as the extensive coverage is an excellent way of showcasing the train to a large audience of prospective travelers across the globe. With this exposure, the luxury train wishes to target influential media to raise its profile by presenting the many things that can be seen and done on a journey with Maharajas’ Express.

An Incredible Offer by Maharajas’–Pay for One and Your Companion Pays 50% (For Indians Only in Treasures of India / Gems of India Journeys)

Maharajas’ Express announces its offer ‘Pay for One and Your Companion Pays 50%’,on seven select departures starting from October 2016 to April 2017 on Gems of India / Treasures of India Journeys. The offer is applicable for Indian nationalities only, its valid on specific dates of departure and it is subject to availability.

On the mentioned departures, the booking of first adult on twin sharing will be at full cost, and the second adult sharing the same cabin will get 50% discount on the ticket cost. The offer is applicable on bookings done directly with IRCTC or online at So, explore some of India’s most unique destinations on the fascinating journeys by Maharajas’ Express and save 50% off your partner’s ticket cost.

So, explore some of India’s most unique destinations on the fascinating journeys by Maharajas’ Express and save 50% off your partner’s ticket cost.

Inimitable and regal “ Presidential Suite” at the Maharajas’ Express Luxury Train

Palatial in every sense, the 448 square feet Presidential Suite at the Maharajas’ Express luxury train has been impeccably and opulently designed with Lotus theme, plush furnishings and lavishamenities including a luxury car for the off-board journeys and an exclusive English /language speaking guide, In Ranthambore the Jeep Safari. ( subject to availability ) is an experience of lifetime.

Aptly named as Navratna (nine precious gems), the Presidential Suite has an exquisitely furnished living room, 2 bedrooms and washrooms. To provide luxurious service and meet every demand of the guests, the Presidential Suite includes an exclusive 24 hours’ personal valet. The suite also features sensational lighting and sublime views of exotic locations.

From meeting the necessary requirements down to the finer details, a true luxury train knows how to provide for its guests. At the Maharajas’ Express,we anticipate your every wish and offer an incredible array of deluxe facilities and services at your fingertips.

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