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Maharajas' Express on IZ TV, Turkey.
IZ TV Turkey has enlisted the services of the dynamic Faruk Pekin to compere a film series on the Maharajas' Express. The purpose of this venture is to introduce to Middle Eastern audiences a glimpse of the opulence of the Maharajas' Express. The film encompasses the entire Heritage of India itinerary of the Maharajas' Express, along with the details of the Gala off board experiences on this ground breaking voyage through the eyes of guests travelling on the train. The various facets of the itinerary are covered in riveting detail from guest and camera persons perspective. We look forward to welcoming more tourists from the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean sectors.
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Maharajas' Express launches 3D animated cutouts.
The Maharajas' Express is always scouting for new and innovative ideas to improve its product and services. In order to familiarize our guests with the fine facilities and features of the train we have come up with graphic 3 dimensional animated cut outs of all its guest accommodations cars. These include the classy Presidential suite, Suites, Junior suites and Deluxe cabins. The 3 dimensional cut outs provide the detailed internal layout of the interior designs with emphasis on interior decoration. This gives potential guests a unique perspective on size, space available, amenities, facilities and the layout of each type of accommodation, before they decide to book with us. The effort is an extension of the earlier initiative of providing a 360 degree virtual tour of the various types of cars which include restaurants cars, bar cars and kitchen cars. These 3D cutouts and 360 degree virtual tour are available on our website www.the-maharajas.com
Maharajas' Express in the USA
The Maharajas' Express is making its presence felt in the USA in a significant way. It participated in the Road Show organized by the Ministry of Tourism, government of India, and the PATA India chapter. We covered New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The function was very well attended by all the travel agents and tour operators. As always, the Maharajas' Express got rave reviews and was highly celebrated. The Maharajas' Express is making its distinguished mark on the US travel industry.
Festive Offer
The other very attractive Festive offer we have is for a 50% discount on the companion ticket when you buy a full ticket. This offer is open to Indian nationals including NRIs, PIO and OCI. It is applicable to the following itineraries during Diwali 2014:
The Indian Splendour
- 11th Oct'14.
logo The Heritage of India
- 18th Oct'14.
logo Treasures of India
- 26th Oct'14.
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