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Maharajas' Express Companion Offer
The Maharajas' Express has come up with an enticing offer this season where the companion ticket is available at 50 percent off. This is a once in a lifetime offer and is very good value for money, so make the best of it. The passenger pays for one and the companion pays 50% only.
The offer will be valid on the following journeys:
The offer is valid until the date of departure and is subject to the availability of cabins. To avail of this delightful offer, book your cabin at the very earliest. For terms and conditions please click here. Indulge in your deepest travel dreams with this magnificent opportunity to ride a magical train into the heart of Incredible India.
Maharajas' Express micro-site Launch
A microsite has the power to highlight a product, launch a promotion, or augment a marketing campaign in a way that full websites or more traditional marketing cannot.  The Maharajas' Express launches brilliant new microsites for UK, USA and Australia.This has been done to exclusively target these big markets. In addition, the current official website will soon be available in languages other than English for example Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian. This multilingual approach makes for more accurate communication and a message that is easy to decipher. The ultimate journey beckons you with the voice of luxury to explore the paradise within.
New Beverage and Food menu for 2014-15.
The Maharajas Express is delighted to announce the up gradation of their delectable beverage and food menu. The finest selection of whiskey-Glenlivet (12 years), JW Blacklabel, Glenfiddech (12 years), Vodka – Absolute, and Gin – Beefeater will be included in the house pours, by popular demand. This will surely enhance the Maharajas' Express regal experience. On our menu were the North Indian cuisines (Awadhi, Rajasthani and Punjabi) and international cuisines. By popular demand, traditional regional cuisines of India such as South Indian, Goan and Kashmiri have also been added to the menu to give the guest of flavor of the variety and breath of Indian cuisine. The tantalizing flavors of India invite you to explore a world of regal splendor and experience a world apart.
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