India... a country with history as old as time. A country where diverse dynasties have ruled through centuries, leaving their marks on the landscape, language and culture of the nation.

It is said that one can witness a different India after every hundred kilometers. Royal Palaces, Forts, Rich natural bounty, Taj Mahal - the monument of love at Agra, Untamed Wildlife... there's so much to soak-in and store memories for a lifetime.

Now savor all this with the Maharajas’ Express by choosing any of its grandiose eight tours.

Almost half-a-mile long it is not just a train, it’s a luxury palace on wheels that has truly redefined the luxury and comfort over rail. It recreates the Lifestyle of a princely era.

This Indian Maharaja is undoubtedly the most luxurious train of India.

Maharajas' Express Presidential Suite

Crowned with the World’s Leading Luxury Train for six consecutive years, Maharajas' Express is the obvious choice for luxury tours, and is enumerated amongst the first class tourist trains not only in India, but around the globe. It embraces you with the princely lifestyle of erstwhile Maharajas’ of India, Rajasthan in particular. It is really the palace on wheels.

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Maharajas' Express Suite

Travelling in finely embellished suite of the Maharajas’ Express, gives you a royal ambience for your life time memory. Maharajas' Express that never falls short to showcase the splendours of India. ...

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Maharajas' Express Junior Suite

The Maharajas’ Express is an analogue to super luxury travel that combines princely opulence with modern amenities. The train that reinvents royalty on wheels, provides...

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Maharajas' Express Deluxe Cabin

There are four categories of cabins/suites in this Luxury train. The Cabins on the Maharajas' Express are the most lavish among all the International Luxury Tourist Trains. The Lavish Interiors, distinct theme supplemented...

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Maharajas' Express Restaurant

On-board the luxurious Maharajas' Express, you will find two thematic fine dining restaurants which will allow you to enjoy delicious meals in a vibrant yet soul soothing environment. This palace on wheels has been provided with latest international features. The names of the restaurants are aptly...

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Maharajas' Express Lounge & Bar Cars

For the guests who like to enjoy drinks over a friendly chat, we have two bars. One of it is a Lounge bar- 'The Rajah Club' and the other is a thematic bar named as – 'Safari Bar'. ...

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