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Indian Luxury Royal Vacations

Luxury Train Vacations Onboard the Maharajas' Express

India bristles with an eclectic melange of ethnic groups; an intoxicating cultural cocktail for the traveller. The Luxury Tour Circuits India of Maharajas' Express has been designed methodically to cover the best destination Incredible India has to offer.

Maharajas' Express has re-defined the concept of Luxury Train Tours.Contrary to other Luxury trains, Maharajas' Express has created bigger rooms similar to the hotel rooms with attached washrooms irrespective of the category of cabins. Maharajas' Express has combined the convenience of Luxury Train travel with the Comfort of hotel rooms.

The names of the carriages of the Maharajas' Express have been named after the legendary jewels of the various Maharajas.

The flavors of each tourist destination are highlighted through ethnic cultural program, choice of menus etc. By ensuring at-least one meal at off-board locations, at most of the destinations of the Luxury Holidays India of Maharajas' Express, has introduced variety and excitement Even the members of Royal Family of the erstwhile princely states at select destinations will join the guests of Maharajas' Express for a lively chat at their majestic Royal palaces.

The wholesome experience provided through the 5 Luxury Journeys India of Maharajas' Express right from embarkation to disembarkation will treat you as a Maharaja.

With such astonishing diversity, you will be taken on a Luxury Indian Holidays aboard Maharajas' Express that will linger in your mind long after you've left her shores, with a hangover of an Indian Maharaja.

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